What we are going to learn today is about the support site .

You may have heard of a support site called a Powerball exclusive site.

This is a method of sharing the bets of members of Site A and Site B through API linkage between the Powerball exclusive site and Site A and Site B.

To explain a little more simply, if site A is a so-called site that receives all bets from the mother site, site B recruits members and places all bets on site B members equally on site A.

Site A is a method of betting by recruiting sites, not by recruiting and operating rooms.

So, how do A and B sites generate operating profits?

General members have many questions here. Just to make it easy to explain why the betting history is uploaded and supported from site to site. Did I mention that site B works with API so that all bets from site A can be placed equally on site A by recruiting members?

Site A has the advantage of reducing the hassle of member recruitment and site B saving capital.

Site B puts the members' bets as it is, so it doesn't matter whether the member wins or not, and Site A has the capital, so the bets from Site B are used to win.

In a way, it is a win-win system for both sites A and B. A lot of people who promote it talk about it, right? "We are a Powerball support site, so it's safe." However, there is no safe site.

Site B also turns off the API link of the member who loses a lot to see a little more profit. That way, the amount that the member loses will be the profit of site B. The problem here is that the member usually loses a lot, but does not lose every day.

Site B lacks capital, so it is a system to upload all betting details to site A. That way you can exchange money whether you win or lose.

However, if the API link is turned off due to the greed of site B, it will have no choice but to turn to a scam site.

1. Not all support sites are safe.

2. To emphasize safety, talk about a support site and promote it

3. Use a certified company .