What we are going to learn today is about the scam sites that are still emerging.

The first thing we need to know is the types of scam sites and how users should respond when they see these types of scams.
In the first place, you have to watch the site scam information carefully and avoid using the scam site, but it is a difficult reality due to too many Toto sites and new sites. Then there are people who ask if it is not possible to use only the existing major companies. The reality is that these major companies have significantly lower event content than the events of the new site. Therefore, many users use the new site. We will tell you what to watch out for when using a new site and how to distinguish a scam site.

1. Beware of Excessive Events

There are cases in which excessive event content entices users and guides them to a scam site. Too many points can be poison. Are you always paying close attention and don't spread out too much than Tassa? You must be vigilant at all times to avoid eating and drinking.

2. Sites that require additional deposit

Additional deposit means that when members use the Toto site and apply for an exchange of winnings and holdings, an additional deposit is usually required.

""Hello, you have requested to exchange 1 million won of the member's holdings. Since this is the first transaction with our site, withdrawal is not possible because there is no transaction record.”

There are many cases where additional deposits are requested for a few percent or the entire amount of the holdings for various reasons.
These sites are 100% scam sites, and if you request an additional deposit, do not make a deposit and you must immediately withdraw.

3. Sites that give various excuses, such as the problem of currency exchange

Members use the Toto site  Sites that use various excuses when applying for currency exchange of winnings and holdings after use must immediately request withdrawal.

“There is a problem with the currency exchange, so it will be delayed by about 6 hours a day.”

If there is no bankbook on the Toto site, can you trust the company's capital?

In general, we have identified three main types of scam sites. Broadly speaking, you need to use a Toto site that does not have complicated rules and does not give various excuses to prevent damage from eating out. You need to do a thorough check-up.
​ Toto Eat-Hunter will provide a lot of information in the future so that many users can prevent it from being eaten-and-run.